I’m Hajar, American Moroccan living in Scotland.

This blog will document my attempt to lower my carbon footprint on earth by reducing my waste, finding alternative eco-options, growing some of my own produce, consuming mostly plant-based foods, and transitioning to a happier, healthier and simpler lifestyle.

Welcome to my e-corner where I share “real-food” recipes, eco-friendly and affordable DIYs, tips, adventures and anything in between that may stimulate positive vibes and strike my fancy.

I enjoy cooking, cycling, camping, hiking, diving, swimming, travelling and being outdoor in the nature. Also, I can’t go without saying I LOVE animals and wildlife.

I hope you follow me on my journey to live a more meaningful and sustainable life, and that you will be inspired to begin yours. I upload posts on my blog and videos on YouTube channel weekly, and pictures on my Instagram regularly.



Ken, my buddy and rockstar, a.k.a. my cool husband. He loves cycling and outdoor activities

Fun facts:

  • Hilarious and has no idea
  • Always late
  • Has two different eye colors (Heterochromia)
  • Intelligent creative goofball
Yours truly

Fun facts:

  • My brain thinks too fast for my mouth lol. I struggle to verbally get all my ideas across
  • Always the “granny” in the room
  • Youtube junkie
  • Facial contortionist
Rosie. She’s a lurcher with a diva attitude!

Fun facts:

  • Scotland’s worst guard dog- too friendly
  • Snow leopard-like markings!
  • Dogs’ supermodel
  • Faster than a speeding bullet
Falcon, typical Malinois. Intelligent, athletic & intense!

Fun facts:

  • Very protective yet so loving
  • Major Alpha!
  • The fastest eater after his papa aka Ken
  • Climbs ladder

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