P.S: These tips are handy for everybody, whether you celebrate Ramadan or not!

Happy Ramadan y’all! This blessed month is all about compassion, mercy and spreading love and peace to all beings. Also, it’s a great opportunity to work on different aspects of ourselves and be better people.


However, the amount of plastic trash and food waste we produce in Ramadan contradicts with the essence of this Holy month! Here are some small actions that will make a BIG difference:

Before shopping, take with you:

  • Tote bags and get loose produce to avoid plastic packaging.
  • Jars or small pouches to buy nuts and seeds.
  • Avoid meat as much as you can. Fasting helps your body detoxify, so don’t counter-effect it by eating meat. Also, thriving on a plant-based diet reduces your carbon footprint by half!!
  • Buy juices in glass bottles, or even better make your own- Fresh and preservatives-free!
  • Don’t buy the whole supermarket and let it all rot. Get what you need and you can always go back and buy more!
  • Eat leftovers! If the prophet pbuh himself picked pieces of bread of the floor and ate them, who are we to waste food?! Ponder on the following verses:

“…Eat of their fruit in season, but give (the poor) their due on harvest day. And do not waste, for God does not love the wasteful” [Quran 6:141]

“Hence, do not spread corruption on earth after it has been so well ordered. And call unto Him with fear and longing: verily, God’s grace is ever near unto the doers of good!” [Qur’an 7:56]

Shopping bags. No plastic please!
Jars are versatile!

Before heading to an Iftar party, take with you:

  • Your reusable cutlery to avoid the plastic ones.
  • Your container or plate/bowl and eat from it if “real” plates aren’t provided.
  • Your reusable cup- travel mugs work great for hot and cold drinks.
  • Your reusable napkin to avoid the disposable ones.
  • Ditch plastic straws, ditch those tacky suckers or get you a reusable one!
  • Don’t overload your plate and not finish it. Lick your vessel clean, it’s a Sunnah!
  • Don’t be shy to take home leftover food that might end up in the trash- It’s a good deed to be rewarded too!
  • You’ll look different and people will ask you “what’s that?”. Embrace it and say “I don’t really like plastic so I bring my reusables!”
This is all you need to have a trash-free Iftar!
Pro-tip: Camping utensils and plates are CHEAP and HANDY!
And it all fits in a small bag!
Or even in a tote bag!

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