Can anybody tell me why apple cider vinegar is ridiculously expensive?! Make your own and save those pennies, friends! ACV has amazing health benefits, can be used for vinaigrettes, as a deodorizer, to preserve food, all-purpose cleaner and the list goes on and on!

Prep time: 5 mins (prep)+ 7 weeks (maturing)
6-8 apples (any variety)

1L non-chlorinated water (Pure/mineral)
100-120g Sugar


  1. Chop the apples including the cores- I peeled mine because they aren’t organic.
  2. Place them in a glass bottle with a wide opening.
  3. Add sugar then water until the apple are covered.
  4. Close the bottle and shake until the sugar dissolves.
  5. Put the cover on top of the bottle but don’t close it to allow CO2 to escape.
  6. Let it sit at room temperature for 10 days shaking it everyday.
  7. After 10 days, strain and pour it in a sterilized bottle.
  8. Cover the bottle with the lid but don’t close it. Let it mature for 6 weeks.


Quick & easy process!

Allow it to ferment
Froth is a good sign
Compost the apples chunks afterwards
Notice the hole in the lid to allow CO2 to escape- That’s soya sauce dispenser


  • Don’t use tap water as chlorine inhibits the fermentation process.
  • During the first 10 days you will notice froth on top. That’s the fermentation process in progress.
  • Use a glass bottle instead of a bowl to shake it everyday with no fuss.
  • If you can’t find the soy sauce dispenser, use a cheesecloth and rubber band to secure it.



  1. Hello! I am definetly trying this method out, you make it look so easy!And you are absolutely right, store bought ACV is horribly expensive.
    I only have one question:do you happen to know what level of acidity this methode of ACV achieves?
    Great tutorial it is very helpful! 💛🧡💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Dafne! Absolutely🧡
      That’s a really good question. Tbh I’m not sure about the level of acidity. Some people get those ph strips from gardening stores and test their homemade acv. I personally don’t😊💛


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