A lil confession: The night before the cycle, I cleaned my camera’s and GoPro’s lenses, charged the batteries, found a good bag to carry them, prepared my cycling outfit, packed sandwiches, juice and tea. I felt armed to the teeth! Only to figure out in the middle of the road that I forgot my SD card lol. So all the pictures were taken by my iPhone and GoPro.

My husband and I cycled to Whitelee wind farm, the largest on-shore wind farm in the UK with 215 wind turbines generating enough electricity to supply 300,000 homes. It’s located 10 miles outside of Glasgow. A great destination to cycle to or visit by car.

The turbine blade’s size!

We cycled 20 miles- back and forth from East Ayrshire. It was mostly flat and easy except for the last 2 miles which were fairly hilly and needed some good leg muscles. Also, on the way back, we were facing the prevailing Atlantic winds which spoiled the downhills.

Mostly Flat roads
Cycling routes make cycling more enjoyable

The wind farm has an internal road network of over 80 miles, a nice picnic area, a mountain bike trail and roads to stretch your legs and walk your 4 legged fuzzy friends. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to meet the wildlife- deers, hares, owls, birds, snakes, lizards, insects and more.

Visitors center is open for public
Picnic area
Zerowaste picnic! Take your water and food, and leave nothing behind but footprints


Mountain biking, anyone?
215 wind turbines
Gigantic wind turbines
Green energy, hooray!
Zerowaste pro-tip: To avoid leaflets waste, take a picture of the content and put it back

Different countries are capable of deriving energy from various sustainable and renewable sources- hydroelectricity, solar, wind, waves, geothermal…etc.

I encourage you to visit and learn about how great sustainable energies are. Also, As consumers, we vote with our $$$, which is why you and I SHOULD support companies that supply green energy- On this note, we personally chose Octopus Energy to be our household energy supplier- Check out the website .Do your research and go green homies!

It’s REALLY thrilling when technology and nature work together in a sustainable way that respects the planet and the environment.

Wind powered, man powered!

Whitelee Visitors center provides free parking, free charging for electric vehicles, free WiFi, a bike shed, showers and baby changing facilities. Also, bus tours and school programs are available for booking- Check out the website.

Cafe and other facilities

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