The 5 R’s is the secret/ principal to living a zerowaste lifestyle: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (and only in this order)- Found by Bea Johnson.

Going zerowaste is a process where you don’t necessarily have to produce no waste. Sometimes, it’s about finding better, less harmful and more eco-friendly alternatives. Following a zero-waste lifestyle is simpler and easier than you might imagine.

Here are my five reasons why I’m going “zero” waste.

Ethical: Let’s talk about plastic as it’s the obvious one. It’s a great invention with an incomplete cycle. We make it, but we seem to fail to get rid of it! Every piece of plastic that has ever been made is still somewhere on earth in some sort of form. All the toothbrushes that you have used throughout your life are still there, somewhere. This fact scares my bones and I hope I’m not the only one. An average person living in Western Europe or North America consumes 100Kg of plastic each year! 229million tons of plastic on 2013 and the number is only increasing. 100k marine mammals die every year because of the plastic you and I throw!

2 days worth of my waste

Cheaper: Packaging is 15% of the product’s price. Can you imagine how much you would save by cutting 15% of the price of each packaged Item you purchase! Yeah, that’s heaps of money. Your bank account will be happy, so is the nature!

Healthier: Healthy body, healthy mind. I know you’ve heard this one before, but we just can’t take it seriously, can we! Most of the products especially hygiene and food are mass produced and contain harmful and nasty chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. More than 50 chemicals in our bodies now never existed 50 years ago!


Nasty and carcenogenic chemicals in shampoos, body washes, conditioners and most of the products on our shelves

Personal: DIY-ing doesn’t just make you appreciate the product more, but also it gives you the freedom to experiment with scents, colors, flavors and textures and allows you to customize your own products based on your taste, need and budget. And if you are not into this, not to worry because there are lots of companies that make organic, eco-friendly and ethical products with “environmentally gentle” packaging- Stay tuned for my post- Which, how and where to get eco-friendly products.

Homemade deodorant

Accessible: Farmers market, bulk shops, thrift stores, car boot sales, small batch producers, local bakeries and local produces are everywhere; we are just not used to notice them. This lifestyle can be practiced anywhere even in supermarkets- Stay tuned for my post- Shop like a pro, zerowaste style!.

Car boot sale and bulk shop

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